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A place to express how the books I've read have influenced, disturbed or enhanced my life. Literature with a little lesbian love sprinkled here and there. Pronounced /ree-nay/

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Dreaming in Color

Dreaming in Color - Lewis Fiona The pangs of high school come to life in Dreaming in Color, the young adult novel from Fiona Lewis (aka Fiona Zedde of Bliss). Carlene "Cee-Cee" is a newly-transplanted Jamaican attempting to adjust to American ways, finding a way to fit in and standing out for all the wrong reasons. She is antagoized by the "in crowd," mostly because of her accent and Afro. No one seems to get her - until she befriends Greg, a husky boy who hails from her homeland. They share a bond that brightens Cee-Cee's life in ways she didn't think possible. If only her school life followed suit. A great story, one that teens can definitely relate to.