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The Girl Who Fell from the Sky - Heidi W. Durrow I began The Girl Who Fell From the Sky like most people, I think, wanting to know the story of a biracial girl with light skin and blue eyes who is the only survivor of a horrific family tragedy, the details of which are laid out with each page. I was enamored with Rachel's voice and her life after the accident, and more intrigued with what came before. Durrow's writing is superb, how it tied the details. By the novel's end, however, I somehow felt some details were left undone. Like what happens between Rachel and Brick. What about the grandmother?

Most importantly: What will become of Rachel's future? I felt so invested in her, that I felt like this couldn't be the end. 

Maybe it's not. I would definitely like to know what happens to adult Rachel. I feel like she has more to tell.