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Forbidden Heat - Opal Carew More like 2.5...

Where do I begin? I just...

This book was all over the place for me. I like my erotica to have some semblance of a plot, but Forbidden Heat just wasn't compelling enough for me.

Basically, there's this woman, Danielle, who always had an attraction to her college classmates, Jake and Trey -- yet they were in a relationship with each other. When Danielle is reunited with the pair at a mutual friend's wedding, she finally sees her chance to have them both in her bed. Jake and Trey, both bisexual, have no problem with this one-night arrangement. After all, they were enamored with her back then, as well.

Long story short, they all end up in a three-way sexual relationship. And while at first extremely pleasurable for all, problems inevitably surface. Danielle is confused about whom she's falling for, and still believes the men are still in love with each other. Trey and Jake think they're in love with Danielle. *sigh*

Bottom line: Forbidden Heat is only moderately entertaining. The story behind the sex is tedious and predictable, and the sex is one-note. There are also some issues that were raised for me surrounding the believability of the characters.

This is the first Opal Carew book I’ve read. Would I read another? Maybe her earlier works, which seem to be better rated.