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You Know When the Men Are Gone - Siobhan Fallon War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, if You Know When the Men are Gone is any indication. These mostly somber, seldom sweet stories about soldiers and their wives and families at Fort Hood are well-crafted, but hella depressing. Siobhan Fallon, an Army wife herself, deftly captures the emotions of these broken people with detail and candor that can only come from living this lonely life. A commander's wife who waits for her cancer test while her children become missing. The officer on mid-tour leave who inconspicuously hides in his own basement to discern whether his wife is cheating on him. And all these characters connected in one way or another. Some of these stories did end a bit abruptly, but the sentiments and descriptions are still as powerful. And by reading this book, it's further proof that our country needs to bring our men home.