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The Cheating Curve - Paula T. Renfroe With cheating becoming a par for the course (ie. Tiger Woods) with rich, successful men, The Cheating Curve touches on the subject from male and female perspectives. It also follows best friends since childhood, Aminah Anderson and Langston “Lang” Rogers, as they navigate their marriages rife with infidelity.

Aminah is the doting wife to top producer, Fame, who can’t seem to keep his manhood in his pants. He gets off on the power he wields to do what he wants, especially because Aminah puts with it for the sake of their two children. She loves Fame more than life itself, and let’s face it, their affluent lifestyle can afford her to look the other way. If she could only Fame to stay committed, their marriage would be perfect.

Lang, who’s been the shoulder for Aminah when Fame strays, is guilty of duplicity herself. She’s been stepping out on her gorgeous, attentive husband Sean, the kind of man who’s almost too good be true. That kind of perfection bores Lang, though. While she can't see herself without Sean, she also can’t deny her need for sexual freedom. In other words, homegirl is a freak. Lang thinks as long Sean doesn’t uncover her deeds, what’s the harm?

The Cheating Curve is well-paced and enjoyable novel. It is also great discussion book about monogamy and marriage. I did have a few nits about the characters, especially Sean, who seemed too damn perfect to the point of improbable through most of the novel. Lang was extremely selfish that I wanted to slap her my damn self. The ending unfolds predictably, but I think there’s more to Aminah and Lang’s story to be had.