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A place to express how the books I've read have influenced, disturbed or enhanced my life. Literature with a little lesbian love sprinkled here and there. Pronounced /ree-nay/

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Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer Whatever you do, don't call Smart Girls Get What They Want a cute book. It is partly that, but so much more. It's also an insult to the heroines of Sarah Strohmeyer's novel. Gigi, Neerja, and Bea are the smart girls who finally realize that high school is more than good grades and getting into the right college. So they set out to make names for themselves and conquer their fears and goals.

SGGWTW is great book for girls, written with heart and humor, and tells girls that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Just don't get distracted by boys. Not totally.